Main idea- my favorite sport is synchronized skating.

  1. you get to make lots of new friends and your mom can too!
  2. it’s a sport that takes a lot of dedication if you’re on a high level team and in this sport you need to have teamwork and you can’t just be an individual.
  3. have fun w/ your program and all the different places you travel to.

hook idea – Do you like football? How about basketball? Baseball? Hockey? My favorite sport is…..

ending idea – feeling, hopes, wishes



Do you like football? How about basketball? Baseball? Hockey? There are a lot of sports out there that I could go on and on about, but I’m here to ask this question, what is your favorite sport? Mine is synchronized skating. You are probably asking, what even is that? Is that even a sport? Yes, it is. This sport is ice skating with a team with up to 20 boys and girls. Can you imagine that? (And yes, there are boys too.) It’s great because you can make a lot of friends, but you have to have dedication and teamwork; you can’t be an individual in this sport.

So, on your first practice, you will be very nervous when you meet all the other people. Throughout the season, you’ll really get to know your teammates and become good friends. This will also be nice for your mom, too. She will start talking with the other moms, and soon enough, just like that, BAM! There will be a nice big synchro family and you will love it! On my team, people give rides, share food, and clothing!

Now, if you’re thinking, I’m up to this, HALT! This sport takes a lot of dedication, especially if you’re on a higher level team. Most of the girls on my team wake up before 5 A.M. to get in some practice before school. I do this too. Also, in synchro, you cannot skate like an individual. You have to try to be like the other girls and boys and be synchronized and moving together or else you won’t get very high on the podium. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Now, I know, that was kinda sad and it might make you discouraged from joining a team, but to end on a happy note, you will definitely have fun with the program and your teammates.  You will have so much fun at all the different places you will travel to. Ann Arbor,Michigan, Hershey,Pennsylvania, and Washington,DC just to name a few locally. Yes, I said locally. If you make past the Nationals, you could go on to win the world title, with your team. Who knows what you could do?

I love this sport, and I hope you try it out and like it! Every year there should be someone new on the team, so you will probably not be the only new person when/if you join. You learn a lot from synchro, not just from learn to skate classes and lessons. Again, I really hope you try out this fun sport!