main idea –

  1. start off excited and energetic  – racing with my brother to a certain point
  2.  soon, you will get tired and stop for pictures
  3. the view is really amazing when you finally get to the top

hook – have you ever been on a hiking trail? you haven’t? let me tell you, then!

closing – now that you know what it might be like, be sure to go sometime, it’s super fun! you know, this story has a moral to it. life will have it’s ups and downs. you just gotta get through it to get to the amazing view at the top.

Hiking Humpback  Rock!

Have you ever been on a hiking trail? You haven’t? Well, let me tell you! First off, if you don’t live in the Appalachian Mountains, you might have to drive to get to this trail. Even if you do live in the mountains, you will actually probably have to drive there. When I was in the car, I felt a tad bit carsick… okay, maybe I felt very, very carsick. But  when you get out of the car, you will feel energetic and run to the visitor’s center! How exciting! You will be able to complete some worksheets to become a Junior Ranger! However, that is not the most exciting part, it’s the view at the top! We’d better get going on the trail. Once on the trail, you will be excited and  hyper. When I started, I was racing my brother a lot and running ahead of my parents. Soon, you will get tired – hey look! A giant rock, great for taking pictures! A wood beam-log! Another great place for taking pictures! (And, just, taking a break.) So, now you will just go on and off, racing, resting, racing, resting, and so on. Until… The crowd of people becomes thicker. So, my dad asks, “Hi sir, are we close to the top?” I forgot what exactly the man said, but it went something like this. “Yeah! About 10, 15 minutes. From here, though, it will only get muddier.” “Thanks!” I don’t know about my family members, but that gave me encouragement and new strength. I would push through it! FInally, we got to the top! The view was so amazing! We stayed there for 20 minutes at the least. I recommend about 20 – 30 minutes at the top. You will want to stay there forever! You will meet some pretty nice people at the top, too. Now that you know what it might be like, be sure to go there sometime because if you don’t, you will regret it – it’s super fun. You might not have realized it, but this story has a moral to it. Life has some ups and downs, like going up the mountain, but when you finally reach the top, it’s totally worth it.

-Eliza Tan