Mandatory community service is a very interesting topic. It provides for the community, but many choose not to do it out of compassion. Mandatory community service is when a school gives you a quota of a certain amount of hours of community service you have to do. By the end of the year if you complete it, nothing happens. I don’t know what happens if you don’t turn it in though. Moody Middle School is one of the few middle schools that has this requirement. There are several pros to having mandatory community service. First, it helps the community. With 1,000 students enrolled in a year, there is 20,000 hours of community service coming from the school. That is equal to one fourth of an entire year. Another pro is that in high school, people who do community service are more likely to graduate at a higher rate. Community service also helps apply to high school, jobs, and college. However, as amazing as mandatory community service seems, it has its downsides. Students may feel stressed between having to do community service and school work. Community service also takes time out of studying, homework, sports, clubs, etc. Many students may feel like community service is an inconvenience. This leads to people not doing community service to help the world, but to simply complete a piece of paper to hand in in order to pass. So community service is helpful, but it also has some not so great side effects. Personally, I believe that mandatory community and service is beneficial because it makes people go outside and help out their community. Even if they don’t have the heart, they still add to our world getting better and