508800-pokemon-goPokemon Go is a popular game that rose from the franchise “Pokemon.” In this game you’re supposed to go outside and find pokemon and catch them. There are many pro’s and con’s to this game. One con is that people get into very serious danger while playing pokemon go. People get run over by cars, and flash mobs appear whenever a rare pokemon does. A pro is that this game caused an entire nation to go outside and walk around. The last con is that many criminals go to poke stops at night and wait for unsuspecting victims to pounce on. Lots of people get mugged and attacked at these pokestops. And to end on a high note, here is the last pro. Local businesses are getting humongous boosts because the poke stops on them attract customers to their stores. Pokemon go can have its pros and cons and they show us how a game can be scary yet fun at the same time.

-Aidan Tan

Pokemon Go is a very addicting game. And, addicting is good and bad… Let’s talk about that. Pokemon Go is super great because it is a fun game and people love playing it and talking about it.  But, the bad thing is, Pokemon Go can access your personal information on your phone or whatever device you are using to play Pokemon Go. People can hack into your account and get to all your info from there! You could also, if you aren’t paying attention to where you are walking, accidentally (or purposefully) trespass into another person’s property. You could go to jail for that! But, because I don’t want to end with something sad, I’ll end with a pro of Pokemon Go. It is a trend, so if you play it, you might be more popular at school! So, now you know how addicting games can be good and bad at the same time!

-Eliza Tan