Oh no.myhc_42906

Well, today was the day. The day that all children dread. It was the first day of school! The end of summer vacation! Now we have to wake up early, and do never ending homework!

But, with that, come some pluses too. You get to see your friends, I got a great teacher, and I have some high hopes for this school year of 2016 and 2017.

My teacher, Mrs. Anderson, is an amazing and inspiring teacher. (Already!) She’s also really involved at Kaechele Elementary School. She has two kids that attend Kaechele, her husband is on the HCPS board (thing), and, well, she’s a teacher. She’s a really good teacher too, because I think that she has the good qualities of a teacher. She’s funny and lets us socialize, but can maintain order in the classroom when things get a little too loud. Overall, she has good control over a lot of stuff.

You know, teachers are great, but the main reason kids are motivated to go to school is… Their friends! It’s great seeing your friends again after a long three months. Me, personally, I kind of talk too much, and it’s great having someone to talk to that understands you. Even if it’s just about a magical cupcake that has a unicorn horn wand and is planning to take over the Earth in the year 4037. Who knew (please raise your hands…) that they had and underground base under the White House that also acts as a party place if they make allies? I bet you didn’t. But, anyways, friends are really great when you just need a shoulder to cry on too.

My hopes for this year are that I will get better at social studies, and try to play football again. Because, last year some people from my class… including me… had formed a sort of group to play football at recess. WAIT!!!! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I  had my first bloody nose today!!

Well, for all the kids that are reading this and haven’t started school (wait what?), be careful of the first day of school…. Ok bye!